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Cara Muat Turun VIP TV di Smart TV

How to enjoy sooka on your Smart TV?

To get access to sooka  the qualified devices list as here, you will need to subscribe to VIP TV first. Follow these simple steps for a quick start.

Simply search for sooka and click on install button on your Android or Smart TV. Once installation is completed, click Open to launch the app and a Welcome page will be displayed.

  • sooka TV step 1

    Press “OK” on your remote control to click on “Start sooka Now” button.

  • sooka TV step 2

    You will be able to login by scanning the QR code or pair with 6 alphanumerical codes displayed on the TV screen. In order to pair your devices, please ensure that you have login with an account that has VIP TV plan on your mobile web/ desktop web.

  • sooka TV step 3

    Once you have paired your devices, a notification will be displayed to notify the pairing is successful, and sooka app on your TV screen will be refreshed.
    That’s it, relax and enjoy sooka!


Kau vs Aku

Adakah permusuhan akan berbunga jadi cinta? Mampukah yang dibenci menjadi penyelamat? Download sooka sekarang & check out siri Originals terbaru Kau vs Aku via VIP Entertainment.

sooka Kau vs Aku
Jodohku Babysitter

Adam kononnya taknak jatuh cinta lagi, tapi berubah bila jumpa pengasuh anak-anaknya! Lembut gak hati Adel akhirnya! Jom layan Jodohku Babysitter di sooka via VIP Entertainment.

sooka Jodohku Babysitter
Dewi Remaja 2022

Pencarian beauty with brain dari pelbagai background menarik kini kembali! Tonton Dewi Remaja di sooka via VIP Entertainment!

sooka Dewi Remaja
Maharaja Lawak Mega 2021

Why so serious? Jom take a break jap kita bergelak sakan dengan Maharaja Lawak Mega 2021 di sooka via VIP Entertainment.

sooka Maharaja Lawak Mega 2021
Hantu Raya Pergi Perang

Follow the story of Kadir Osman seorang bangsa Kg Geliga, membuat keputusan untuk mendapatkan hantu raya dari Pawangis untuk mengorat cinta hatinya Manisah dan menggantikan dirinya di medan perang apabila Null Corp menyerang. Jom strim semua episod Hantu Raya Pergi Perang di sooka via VIP Entertainment.

sooka Originals Hantu Raya Pergi Perang


sooka Super Series Volleyball 2022
(14 Oct - 6 Nov)

Jom layan sooka Super Series Volleyball! Setiap pukulan bakal menggegar dunia korang. Mulai 14 Okt ini. Upgrade to VIP for more!

sooka BWF Tokyo 2022
Premier League 2022/23
(6 Aug - May 23)

Nak layan Premier League di mana saja? Langgan VIP TV & layan di sooka! Istimewa pelanggan baru enjoy harga promo 25% 😍

sooka VIP TV Promo 2022
Le Tour de Langkawi Malaysia 2022
(11 - 18 Oct)

Liputan khas & highlights dalam perlumbaan Le Tour de Langkawi bermula 11 Oktober hingga 18 Oktober 2022. Layan dengan puas di sooka via VIP TV.

Le Tour de Langkawi 2022
Piala AFC 2022
(9 - 24 Aug)

Jom pakat support & layan di sooka via VIP+Sports match AFC Cup 2022 bermula 9-24 Aug ni di sooka. Nak lagi syiok, upgrade ke VIP TV dan layan di big screen with family and friends.

sooka AFC Cup 2022
(5 Aug - 25 Sept)

Spill kali pertama korang layan MPL Malaysia, min nak tau! Walaupun tiket dah sold out, korang still boleh muat turun aplikasi sooka & layan player #MPLMYS10 faveret korang di sooka, percuma jer!

sooka MPL 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trial sooka before paying for subscription?

Sure! You can register sooka and sign up on our free plan where you can experience freemium streaming service. That means you can instantly enjoy thousands of hours of amazing local shows and sports for FREE! But you can also unlock awesome premium content with our VIP plans like exclusive original shows, movies, and live sports such as the English Premier League for a subscription fee (if you sooka, no pressure).

Why should I subscribe?

Because it’s awesome! Each subscription unlocks more sooka goodness. More exciting episodes. More original shows. More amazing live sports. And you’ll also be watching them ad-free!

I’ve signed-up. How do I subscribe to VIP sooka?

Simple. Choose the plan you want. You will be charged weekly/monthly based on the plan you chose. You also have a few payment options: Credit cards/ Debit cards and In-app Purchase. Subscription via telco billing is coming soon.

What devices will sooka support?

Android and iOS devices. sooka runs best on the latest operating systems, so please do keep your device updated.  Web browsers, Android TV devices and Smart TV devices. We are committed to bring sooka TV to more devices in the future. Get more details here.

Is the casting or mirroring function available?

Sorry, but casting or mirroring is not available yet. We are planning to have it soon though. Stay tuned!

How many devices I can stream sooka on at the same time?

Registered and VIP users can stream on any supported platform regardless of the content on  one device only, at a time. If you have a VIP TV subscription, VIP users can stream on 2 devices concurrently; EITHER one (1) connected TV (see the supported TV devices) and (1) mobile device OR two (2) mobile devices.

How to redeem my coupon?

Coupon entitlement depends on its offering. If you wish to redeem a subscription entitlement coupon (VIP ENT/VIP SPORTS/VIP TV), please follow below steps:

1. Go to
2. Select your plan based on your coupon entitlement (VIP ENT/VIP SPORTS/VIP TV) then click ‘Choose me’ *
3. Enter your coupon code in the REDEEM CODE column and click APPLY. Enjoy your show!

* You’ll be prompted to sign up with your email address if you are not registered

Still have questions? Check the help center or email us at